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Establishing a Legacy to Help Make a Bryant Education Possible


Ronald Pittori will fund the Salvatore, Marietta and Ronald Pittori '62 Endowed Scholarship for the next generation of students.

The importance of a good education was taught to Ronald Pittori '62 by his parents, Salvatore and Marietta Pittori.

"They told me one of the greatest things that you can have is an education," Pittori says. "It is such an important stepping stone that leads to bigger and better things."

A marketing major, Pittori worked for 24 years as one of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Connecticut's top salesmen. On the side, Pittori was an entrepreneur, making and selling jewelry. "I'd go to New York practically every week to buy parts, and I had a workshop in my office where I would make rings, bracelets, and necklaces for many important people."

Pittori recently made a significant bequest intention to establish the Salvatore, Marietta, and Ronald Pittori '62 Endowed Scholarship.

"If I can further someone else's education, I know that is something my parents can look down and be proud of," Pittori says. "I graduated from Bryant and now I hope that I am able to help future students graduate from this University."

Pittori has asked the University to look for specific students when awarding his scholarship, including:

  • Residents of Connecticut and Rhode Island
  • Marketing majors
  • Fulltime Students who have financial need

Pittori visited Bryant for the first time in many years recently and was very impressed with the campus.

"It's great to see all the work that has been done here to make this a beautiful campus," Pittori says. "I was touched to see the names of professors I had in the past such as Nelson Gulski and Norman Sarkisian still being honored by the University."

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